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Head of Department:

Prof. Forster Tamás  M.D.

Internal medicine - Syllabus (cardiology & hematology)

Cardiology (2nd Department of Medicine)
Syllabus of the lectures in cardiology.
The students get informations about all kinds of physical investigations of the heart. They study the non invasive and invasive methods in different cardiac diseases. They study the symptoms, clinical findings and theraputic possibilities of valvular heart diseases (congenital and aquired forms). The students get a picture of basic ECG and rhythm disturbances. They learn about modern antiarrhythmic treatments, procedures (ablation, ICD, PM implantation). They study the signs and clinical findings of heart failure, the different types of cardiomyopathies and inflammatory illnesses of myo-and pericardium. They get a picture about the management of chronic and acute ischemic heart diseases.

Syllabus of the practices in cardiology.
The students practice taking the case history, the physical examination, performing percussion auscultation, and palpation assesments. They make the ECG recordings, read ECG and echocardiographic records. They can observe the transesophegeal technics too. The students will have an impression of invasive cardiac procedures such as coronary angiography, PTCA and stent implantation.

Hematology (2nd Department of Medicine)
Syllabus of the lectures in hematology.
Students are informed about the basic of hematology including normal and abnormal hematopoiesis, laboratory tests their importance in clinical hematology. Lectures are giving updated informations about red cells, white blood cells and platelet disorders (malignant and non malignant) hemostatic abnormality, thrombophilias and the new treatment modalities as targeting therapy, monoclonal antibodies and stem cell transplantation. Lectures are focusing for modern diagnostic procedures, molecular technics, and genetical methods.

Syllabus of the practices in hematology.
During the practices they can observed the physical findings of the hematological diseases as jaundice, purpuras, petechias, mucosa ulcers. The can palpate enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged spleen and liver. Normal and pathological blood smears and bone marrow smears will be demonstrated and discussed. The every day practice in clinical transfusiology will be introduced.

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