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Director: Prof. László Vécsei

Neurology lectures

5th year medical students (English course)
2016-2017 academic year/ Second semester
New Clinical Building, groundfloor
Láng Imre lecture room

Mondays 10-10.45 a.m.


1st lecture (06th February) Cerebrovascular disorders I.
László Vécsei M.D.
2nd lecture (13th February)
Cerebrovascular disorders II.
László Vécsei M.D.
3rd lecture (20th February) Epilepsy I.
Délia Szok M.D.
4th lecture (27th February) Epilepsy II. Sleep disturbances.
Délia Szok M.D.
5th lecture (06th March) Extrapyramidal/Movement disorders I.
Péter Klivényi M.D.
6th lecture (13th March) Extrapyramidal/Movement disorvers II.
Péter Klivényi M.D.
7th lecture (20th March) Pain syndromes.
János Tajti M.D.
8th lecture (27th March) Diagnosis and treatment of headaches.
János Tajti M.D.
9th lecture (03rd April) Intensive Neourology.
László Vécsei M.D.
10th lecture (10th April) Tumors of the central nervous system.
József Engelhardt M.D.
11th lecture (24th April) Muscle and motoneuron disordes.
József Engelhardt M.D.
12th lecture (08th May) Neuroinflammatory disorders.
Multiple sclerosis.

László Vécsei M.D.
13th lecture (15th May) Evidence based and personalized medicine in
László Vécsei M.D.


1. Material of lectures and practices.
2. Mumenthaler, M.: Neurology. Thieme (latest edition)

Suggested books:

1. Rowland, L.P.: Merritt?s Textbook of Neurology.
    Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, London (latest edition)
2. Simon, R.P., Aminoff, M.J., Greenberg, D.A.: Clinical Neurology.
    Appleton and Lange (latest edition)
3. Adams, R.D., Victor, M.: Principles of Neurology.
    McGraw Hill (latest edition)