Department of Oncotherapy - Szeged

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Director: Dr. habil.Péter Klivényi



Albert Szent-Györgyi Education Center 
Béla Issekutz room

Friday 09-10

1. lecture 07th September

a. Introduction. History of neurology.
b. Physical examination. Neurological status.
László Vécsei M.D.

2. lecture 14th September

The organization of the motor system.
Katalin Sas M.D.

3. lecture 21th September

a. The organization of the sensory system.
b. Pain
Árpád Párdutz M.D.

4. lecture 28th September

Spinal cord. Neurological localization.
László Vécsei M.D.

5. lecture 05th October

Brainstem. Neurological localization.
Cecília Rajda M.D.

6. lecture 12th October

Cerebellum. Neurological localization.
László Vécsei M.D.

7. lecture 19th October

Cerebral cortex. Frontal lobe.
Neurological localization.

Péter Klivényi M.D.

8. lecture 26nd October

Neurophysiological examination of muscles and nerves
Modern neuroradiological diagnostic methods
Tamás Zs. Kincses M.D.

9. lecture 09th November

a./ Parietal and occipital lobes. Neurological localization.
b./ Vegetative nervous system.
Dénes Zádori M.D.

10. lecture 16th November

Cerebrospinal fluid. Diagnostic methods.
László Vécsei M.D.

11. lecture 23th November

Neurovascular system. Neurological localization.
Krisztina Bencsik M.D.

12. lecture 30th November

Extrapyramidal system. Neurological localization.
László Vécsei M.D.

13. lecture 07th December

Temporal lobe. Neurological localization.
János Tajti M.D.


1. Material of lectures and practices.
2. Physical examination and practical neurology (SZTE, Department of Neurology)
3. Mumenthaler, M.: Neurology. Thieme. (latest edition)

Suggested books:

1. Rowland, L.P.: Merritts Textbook of Neurology. Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, London, (latest edition)
2. Simon, R.P., Aminoff, M.J., Greenberg, D.A.: Clinical Neurology. Appleton and Lange, (latest edition)
3. Victor, M., Ropper, A.H.: Principles of Neurology, McGraw Hill, (latest edition)

Exam: practical and theoretical