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Director: Prof. László Vécsei

Neurology Questions for Semester exam*

(Literature: lectures and practices. Mumenthaler, M.: Neurology. Latest edition).

1. Spinal cord. Neurological localization.*
2. Muscular tone. Disturbances of muscular tone.*
3. Superficial and deep reflexes. Pathological reflexes.*
4. Medulla. Neurological localization.*
5. Pons. Neurological localization.*
6. Mesencephalon. Neurological localization.*
7. Cranial nerves. (except III., IV., VI.).*
8. III., IV., VI. cranial nerves. Pupil reactions.*
9. Brainstem circulation.*
10. Reticular system.*
11. EEG and evoked cortical potentials in the neurological practice.*
12. Frontal lobe. Neurological localization.*
13. Pyramidal system. Neurological localization.*
14. Differential diagnosis of central and peripheral pareses.*
15. Structure of the extrapyramidal system. Neurological localization.*
16. Parietal lobe. Neurological localization.*
17. Thalamus. Neurological localization.*
18. Temporal lobe. Neurological localization.*
19. Limbic system. Neurological localization.*
20. Occipital lobe. Neurological localization.*
21. Optic system. Neurological localization.*
22. MRI, PET and EMG in the neurological practice.*
23. Arteriography (DSA, CT, MRI-angiography) and myelography in the neurological practice.*
24. Doppler ultrasonography, CT and SPECT and receptor-SPECT in the neurological practice.*
25. Cerebrospinal fluid: production, circulation, resorption and its disturbances.*
26. Facial palsy.*
27. Supranuclear impairments of eye movements.*
28. Reflexes in frontal lobe damage.*
29. Disorders of consciousness.*
30. Cerebellum. Neurological localization.*
31. Aphasias.*
32. Clinical symptoms of the damaged sensory system.*
33. The functional anatomy and disturbances of the vegetative system.*
34. Neurovascular circulation.*
35. Indication of the lumbar puncture, laboratory investigations.*
36. Report of neurological patients. Evidence based medicine.
37. History of neurology
38. Principles of neurogenetics.

*=semester exam