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Director: Dr. habil.Péter Klivényi

Neurology practical exam – minimal requirement

- signs of meningeal irritation
- Kernig sign
- Lasegue sign,
- examination of pupillary reflexes
- examination of ordered and guided eye movements
- examination of the facial nerve (distinguishing central from periferal facial nerve palsy)
- examination of muscle tone (recognition of pronounced hypotonia, rigor, spasticity)
- examination of the latent paresis (Mingazzini, Barre tests)
- detailed examination of the proximal muscle strength (shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, flexors and extensors of the arm, flexors and extensors of the thigh)
- detailed examination of the distal muscle strength (median, radial, ulnar, peroneal and tibial nerve),
- grading of muscle weakness (knowledge of the 0-5/5 scale)
- examination of the triceps and the biceps reflex
- examination of the patella and the Achilles tendon reflex (recognition of clonus)
- Hoffman-Trömner signs (reflexes)
- Babinski sign (reflex)
- vestibuloocular reflex (oculocephalic reflex)
- corneal reflex
- examination of coordination: target tests: heel-knee test (heel-shin test), finger-to-nose test, index-to-index test
- examination and evaluation of Romberg position (Romberg test)
- Examination of gait (ataxic, paretic, spastic, steppage, parkinsonian gait)
- examination of vibration sense
- examination of sensory disturbance,
- negative neurologic assessment known by heart