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Director: Prof. Dr. Judit Oláh, DSc

AOK-KUA311 Physics in Radiotherapy for 4th and 5th year medical students, and for physics students

Elective lecture, 14 h/semester, 1 credit points, evaluation (5)

Lecturers: Dr. Zoltán Varga, Dr. Elemér Szil

Description: Aim of the course is to teach the basics of radiation physics. Students should understand the physical background of the radiation treatments, and the material interactions during that. They should learn the modern radiation therapy techniques and their applications. Basic knowledge will be provided on the function of the radiation equipments. Steps of the radiation treatment and quality assurance methods connected to them should be learnt.

Method: The course focuses on radiation oncology, but there are also intersections with diagnostic specialities (such as MRI and PET-CT). Students will be provided with practical demonstrations on dosimetry and treatment planning.

Requirements: Attending the lectures is compulsory. Students must write notes about the cases presented without patient's personal data. At the end of the course there should be a written examination, consisting of multiple choice questions.


  1. Basic Radiation Physics, electron interactions, photon interactions
  2. Radiation dosimeters, Ionization chambers, Film dosimetry, Semiconductors
  3. Treatment machines for external beam radiotherapy, LINACs, Calibration of photon and electron beams
  4. Commissioning of linear accelerators, quality assurance and quality control in RT
  5. Clinical treatment planning in external photon beam radiotherapy
  6. The role of the imaging procedures in radiation therapy
  7. Special procedures and techniques in radiotherapy, Conformal radiotherapy, Intensity-modulated radiotion therapy, Image-guided radiotherapy

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