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Director: Prof. Dr. Judit Oláh, DSc

János Kelemen Foundation

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The Kelemen János Foundation, a private foundation was established in 2011. to support the operation of Department of Oncotherapy, University of Szeged.
The foundation was named after the former Head of Department, Professor János Kelemen who led the Radiotherapy Department, predecessor of today's Department of Oncotherapy. The Department was opened on November 20, 1980. Almost 3.000 patients with newly diagnosed cancer and around 6.000 patients with ongoing treatments are seen at the Clinic yearly.    

Foundation programs are designed to support the following specific activities:
1. Support of the smooth daily operation of Department of Oncotherapy.
2. Improvement of Patient Care’s quality.
3. Improvement of Patient Care’s circumstances, infrastructure
4. Ongoing education of medical staff (doctors, technicians, nurses).
5. Graduate and postgraduate oncology-related research projects conducted at the Clinic.
6. Improving of international scientific and research connections.
7. Education programs performed by medical staff.
8. Education on cancer prevention, early detection and optimal treatment.
9. Raise public awareness of ways to prevent, detect and optimally treat cancer.

The Kelemen János Foundation continuously supports the Clinic upon request during the financial year, and all the members of the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board are volunteers.

Chairperson of the Board:
Dr. Ernőné Várnay

The advisory board members:
Mária Popovicsné Palócz
Anikó Erika Csikósné Sarankó

Contact person:
Dr. Gabriella Fábián, Tel.: +36 62 5454503, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, open for anyone to join, if agrees with the objectives of the foundation, and intends to support these aims.

Please support the important work of the Kelemen János Foundation. A donation in any amount will make a difference in advancing research and providing patients who have been diagnosed with cancer or who may be at risk for cancers with information that can improve their quality of life.

You may also make your donation as a tribute either in memory or in honor of a special person.

Foundation for Cancer Research Szeged

Foundation for Cancer Research Szeged







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