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Director: Dr. habil. László Róvó Ph.D.
Professor and Head of Department
E-mail: office.orl@med.u-szeged.hu



GY./1. Examination of the external auditory meus and the ear drum

GY./2. Examination of hearing by means of tunnig fork

GY./3. Audiograms

GY./4. Measurement of hearing loss

GY./5. Examination of the spontaneous vestibular symptoms

GY./6. Cleaning of the external meatus

GY./7. Myringotomy

GY./8. Clinical examination of the nose and nasal cavity

GY./9. Treatment of epistaxis

GY./10. Treatment of the nasal and auricular furuncle. Technic of bandages

GY./11. Puncture of the maxillary sinus

GY./12. The method of introducing the naso- esophageal nutrition tube

GY./.13. Ear drops and nasal drops

GY./.14. X-ray pictures of the ear and paranasal sinuses

GY./15. Removal of the foreign bodies from the external ear, nasal cavity and pharynx

GY./16. Examination of the pharynx

GY./17. Treatment of peritonsillar abscess

GY./18. Indirect laryngoscopy

GY./19. Cleasing of the tracheostomy tube

GY./20. Corrosive injuries of the esophagus

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